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Goals for 2016 and How I'll Make Them Happen

If you've been following this blog for a while, or even took a quick look on my resume page, you'll see I haven't been at my position at NYU for very long. January 3rd marks the fifth month (to the day!) that I've been NYU's official "Research Data Management and Reproducibility Librarian." There was a bit of an adjustment period where I just spent the majority of my time introducing myself to my colleagues, getting to know what my daily workflow would look like, and brainstorm with Nick about what our services will look like, some good groups for targeted outreach, and what classes we are going to teach as a part of Data Services typical course offerings.

This was all well and good, but since I started in August I missed the goal-setting timeline that is typical for my colleagues. As such, I wanted to make some, and my supervisor in the library thought it would be a good way to measure growth besides. Plus, since I'm pretty early career, setting goals for a measurable outcome was kind of new for something not project based. This was just trying to assess my own growth, not necessarily the growth of a project I'm working on.

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Presenting at CNI

This month was excellent as it marked my first ever professional presentation as a NYU Librarian :)

Last year during NDSR, it seemed like I was giving a presentation at a conference, professional organization meeting, webinar, etc. every other week. It’s been exceptionally restful (well, sort of...) to spend these past 5 months getting to know NYU, my colleagues, the scope of my work, and really just getting a feel for my day-to-day.

One of the most exciting outputs from my first semester here at NYU has surrounded my work on the Moore-Sloan Data Science Environment ( Back in October (link to Oct 2015 post), I wrote about the MSDSE Summit that was held at Suncadia Resort in Washington state. God it was so incredibly beautiful there and I got to do some really cool stuff, but the best thing that happened was definitely meeting Jenny Muilenburg and Erik Mitchell.

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My First LITA

A few weeks ago, I attend the Library Information Technology Association's Forum. Over the 13-15th, I attended several sessions, explored Minneapolis for the first time, and met some really awesome people. I was, as always, a bit nervous attending a new conference but the organizers had some really great 101-type sessions, and even set up a Slack channel which I found to be immensely helpful throughout the day. People organized dinners, discussed sessions in real-time, posed questions, and uploaded some hysterical gifs.

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Debrief: My First Two Months at NYU

So, for those who don't follow me on Twitter (go ahead though, @VickySteeves), I recently accepted a position at New York University, Division of Libraries and the NYU Center for Data Science, as the Librarian for Research Data Management and Reproducibility. I started August 3rd of this year, which turned out to be great because there were no students around. This may sound bad, but the prep time was invaluable. My partner-in-crime Nick Wolf came two weeks later, and together we really amped up the existing data management LibGuide.

When September rolled around, I was hit with a visual on just how gigantic a school NYU really is. Seeing all the students streaming into the library, I was hit with the scope of my work here. Nick and I were supposed to build up services around research data management/data management planning for literally everyone on campus, from staff to students to faculty. Of course to start we will focus on a few core user communities and build our way out, but just wow--even starting on building services for grad students, for example, is an awesome task.

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