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Switching to Nikola!

This might be a shock to many of you (except my boyfriend and his roommate, who have been giving me sh*t about this forever), but before today I actually hard-coded my website. This meant that every time I updated a post, changed my resume, etc., I had to hard code the changes and the ripple effects.

What was I thinking. Honestly. You can look at how painful it was here on GitLab. I kept it as a reminder and in case I severely messed up this whole Nikola thing, which I'm going to explain in the bulk of this post.

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This week I made my first trek down to Virginia to engage with the Center for Open Science IRL! After just about a year of emails, hangouts, and calls, I was excited to see the space in which I think some really innovative tech is being developed for the open X community. The second week of July was designated as SHARE week: Monday and Tuesday was the SHARE hackathon, Wednesday and half of Thursday was the SHARE community meeting, and the last half of Thursday and Friday was the SHARE Curation Associates kick off orientation.

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I just got back from the most BEAUTIFUL two week vacation in France with my S.O., Rémi! It was my first time in France, and my second time in Western Europe -- backstory: I did an extensive trip of Eastern Europe in 2014, but only have been to Ireland in the West (I lived there).

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So. Many. Conferences.

My first two weeks of May have been just explicitly devoted to conferences. Planning, executing, attending, surveying -- you name it, I've been doing it in relation to some event or another. It's actually been great, but so exhausting. I am definitely giving a lot of props to event planners for doing this as their day-to-day.

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So, I kind of am in love with the FORCE conference I just went to. FORCE2016 is the annual conference from an organization called FORCE11 (ha, the year they started the org.). This year, 500 people came from around the world: researchers, librarians, software developers, large scale repositories, open science advocates, and everyone in between. It was not only a very diverse conference in terms of home country and job, but also in the way the conference and program was run.

First, one of the coolest things I have ever seen: in addition to the MULTITUDE of tweets around the event (seriously everyone was so active, it was amazing), they hired a company to take visual notes!! While everything was going on!! Everyone, the gist of their talks, panels, lightning talks, EVERYTHING! Such a great idea and it produced a great visual overview of the con!

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