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How GitLab can help in research reproducibility

See this post on GitLab's blog here.

NYU reproducibility librarian Vicky Steeves shares why GitLab is her choice for ongoing collaborative research, and how it can help overcome challenges with sharing code in academia.

GitLab is a great platform for active, ongoing, collaborative research. It enables folks to work together easily and share that work in the open. This is especially poignant given the problems in sharing code in academia, across time and people.

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Women Working in the Open

FUCK YEAH OA WOMEN is a website which contains a searchable, sortable list of women who do work in the field of openness: open access, open science, open scholarship, open source code, open data, open education resources -- anything open. There is also a map available for folks who would like to look for women leaders nearest them -- the hope is that this map makes planning conferences, workshops, and events more convenient.

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