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How GitLab can help in research reproducibility

See this post on GitLab's blog here.

NYU reproducibility librarian Vicky Steeves shares why GitLab is her choice for ongoing collaborative research, and how it can help overcome challenges with sharing code in academia.

GitLab is a great platform for active, ongoing, collaborative research. It enables folks to work together easily and share that work in the open. This is especially poignant given the problems in sharing code in academia, across time and people.

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5 Things I learned at IASSIST

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I just got back from IASSIST 2017 and I have to say...I was very impressed! This year, IASSIST (The International Association for Social Science Information Services & Technology) 2017 was in Lawrence, Kansas from May 23-26, 2017. True to it's name, this conference brought people from all around the world:

These are my top 5 favourite takeaways from IASSIST 2017:

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Visiting CERN

A few weeks ago, my NDSR cohort & I had the great opportunity to present our paper at iPres 2016 in Bern, Switzerland! This was my first ever peer reviewed paper and it was accepted! Not a bad first time 😁. Our presentation went really well -- there was good audience engagement and it seemed like there was real potential for people to extend or use our study (with all our open access data!). One of my favourite moments was right after our presentation, when an audience member (whose name escapes me, I'm so sorry if you're reading this!) told us that we were part of very few people he'd seen accurately use grounded theory. I doubt this is true, but it was flattering nonetheless.

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